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NO. R-192. JOINT RESOLUTION honoring Anja Bubat.

(J.R.H. 149)

Offered by: Representative Darrow of Newfane.

Whereas, Anja Bubat, a young native of Hameln, Germany, has studied her nation’s history and cultural and artistic heritage, and has become a volunteer with the German organization, Action Reconciliation Service for Peace (ARSP), which sends its members to all points on the globe "to atone for their nation’s past by assisting people in the present", and

Whereas, ARSP is committed to education about the Holocaust and its origins, nonviolent conflict resolution, and human rights, and

Whereas, ARSP and the American Civil Liberties Union of Vermont have joined to found the ACLU/ARSP History and Liberties Coalition, and Anja has volunteered to spend 18 months in Vermont traveling to high schools and community groups throughout the state on behalf of the Coalition, teaching the lessons of history and liberty, and

Whereas, Anja, while serving the entire state, is residing in Brattleboro at the home of Deborah Sommer and making Brattleboro her home base, with the warm welcome and generous assistance of many people in the Brattleboro community, and is exploring with Brattleboro Union High School the possibility of establishing a year-long special educational program which will explore in depth the causes that led to the erosion of civil liberties in pre-World War II Germany, and

Whereas, the political climate which fostered the destruction of civil liberties and human decency in Nazi Germany, and which culminated in the Holocaust, can trace its origins to the political and institutional chaos that followed in the wake of World War I, and

Whereas, the deep and historic German traditions of education, philosophy, poetry, theater, journalism, natural sciences, political science, history, and art did not withstand the rise of Adolph Hitler and National Socialism in the early 1930s, which ushered in an era of domestic terror and international lawlessness that is without parallel in modern times, and

Whereas, learning how such a tragic collapse of freedom and its replacement by despotism and hate could occur in a brief few years is essential to an understanding of how people – and especially students – in all nations might safeguard vital liberties and combat despotism and hate, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly welcomes Anja Bubat to Vermont and recognizes the importance of the educational mission on which she and the History and Liberties Coalition has embarked, and be it further

Resolved: That the General Assembly commends all those Vermonters within the education community and many in other fields who have supported Anja’s mission and have contributed to Anja’s work, with particular focus on the Brattleboro community, which has long set a very high standard for supporting the goals of peace, justice, and understanding within Vermont and throughout the world, and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Anja Bubat in Brattleboro, the Vermont Affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union in Montpelier and the Action Reconciliation Service for Peace in Philadelphia and in Berlin, Germany.