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NO. R-190. JOINT RESOLUTION commemorating the filming of the U.S.S. Montpelier historic video.

(J.R.S. 79)

Offered by: Senator Doyle of Washington County, Senator Cummings of Washington County and Senator Scott of Washington County.

Whereas, the city of Montpelier, Vermont, despite its inland location, has been the namesake of three United States Navy ships: the first, a former German transport ship captured on President Wilson’s orders in the midst of World War I; the second, CL-57, a legendary World War II Cleveland Class Light Cruiser; and the most recent, a modern Los Angeles Class Nuclear Attack submarine, SSN-765, home-ported in Norfolk, Virginia, and currently serving on active duty, and

Whereas, George Walker and Jeanette Quinn, who, along with Jeanette’s late husband Bob, founded the U.S.S. Montpelier Museum, which opened in 1999 on the first floor of Montpelier City Hall, are now embarked on a new commemorative project as co-directors of a video documenting the history of the U.S.S. Montpeliers, and

Whereas, this video documentary will trace the history of the three naval vessels named in honor of the city, with particular attention focused on CL-57 and her approximately 250-member U.S.S. Montpelier Alumni Group who constitute the remaining survivors of the 1,200 personnel who proudly served on that vessel, and

Whereas, CL-57 survived Japanese fighter aircraft and kamikaze attacks during World War II, most memorably near the Solomon Islands and the Philippine Sea, and

Whereas, CL-57's fame is attributable to being awarded over 13 battle stars, an unsurpassed record for a United States Navy vessel, and

Whereas, CL-57 was the first United States ship to enter Japanese territorial waters immediately before and after World War II, including a 1945 port-of-call at Hiroshima which resulted in many of the crew’s exposure to radiation from the atomic bomb and subsequent deaths from cancer, and

Whereas, CL-57 was truly an invincible military vessel as she was ultimately sold for scrap to the Japanese, and

Whereas, the exploits of CL-57 were documented in Jim Fahey’s best-selling book, "Pacific War Diary", and

Whereas, the city of Montpelier has appropriated $10,000.00 toward the production cost of the video which will feature interviews with some of the rapidly dwindling number of members of the CL-57 Alumni Group and footage of the city of Montpelier, the U.S.S. Montpelier Museum and the newest U.S.S. Montpelier, SSN-765, and

Whereas, the taping of the video has been contracted to the Burlington-based 2much Media, and

Whereas, the completed video will vividly portray the illustrious history of the United States Navy vessels named in honor of Vermont’s capital city, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly honors George Walker and Jeanette Quinn for their dedication to the historical documentation of the U.S.S. Montpeliers, and wishes them every success with the U.S.S. Montpelier historic video, and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to George Walker and Jeanette Quinn in Montpelier, to Montpelier City Clerk, Charlotte Hoyt, and to the U.S.S. Montpelier CL-57 Alumni Group.