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NO. R-166. JOINT RESOLUTION congratulating the 2000 Woodstock Union High School Division III championship football and field hockey teams.

(J.R.H. 123)

Offered by: Representatives Anderson of Woodstock, Pike of Mendon, Reese of Pomfret and Sweaney of Windsor.

Whereas, the Woodstock Union High School fall athletic schedule concluded on an exciting note as both the football and field hockey teams captured their respective Division III championship titles, and

Whereas, the outstanding young women who comprised the field hockey squad played at an exemplary level throughout the season, and they earned the number two seed for the playoff competition, and

Whereas, the championship game against the most appropriate opponent, the number one-seeded Montpelier Solons, was a thrilling match that pitted two highly skilled teams, and

Whereas, junior inner Erin Makowski put the Wasps on the winning path with the game’s first point midway through the second half, and

Whereas, while the Solons tied the game shortly thereafter, the Woodstock women proved up to the challenge as Erin once again scored to break the tie assuring the Wasps’ 2-1 triumph and 2000 Division III championship title, and

Whereas, every Woodstock field hockey player, including captains Lea Desforges and Crystal Doyle and their outstanding teammates Laura Eastman, Becca Fenster, Jen Hewitt, Cassie Leonard, Taylor Pape, Corrina Pinsent, Danielle Ricci, Elena Rilleau, Kristina Schultz, Eliza Doton, Jenny Johnson, Michelle Leblanc, Erin Makowski, Brenna Hersey, Anna Langhans, Kendal Lensing, Megan White and Stephannie Hewitt are to be congratulated, and

Whereas, Head Coach Wendy Wannop, and her able assistant Jill Kurash, provided the guidance that propelled the Wasps to a victorious season finale and an overall 13-4 record, and

Whereas, while the field hockey team was carrying home top honors, the football team was equally proficient on the playing field, and

Whereas, the football Wasps’ fans had great expectations for a victorious championship contest when their first-seeded team challenged the Poultney High School Blue Devils for the Division III title, and

Whereas, with just under five minutes remaining in the third quarter, senior captain Ben Spaulding dramatically carried the ball on a 76-yard kick-off return to tie the game at 21-21, and

Whereas, to seal the victory in the fourth quarter, linebacker Jeremy Kendall intercepted a Blue Devil pass, promptly returning the ball for 76 yards and the 34-28 Woodstock triumph, and

Whereas, Woodstock football captains Dave Coriell and Ben Spaulding had magnificent support from their colleagues Ian Kennedy, Scott Coriell, Jeremy Kendall, Ezra Lemieux, Robert Doton, Fred Turner, Lucas Lambert, Alex Zonay, Zach Cook, Chris Southworth, Guy Rilleau, Brian Clark, Mike Sanderson, James Nadeau, Adam Lynch, John Blanchard, Tim Pickett, D’Allah Laffoon, Matt Prencipe, Alex Halpert, Josh Sanderson, Ryan Howe, John Hummel, Jeff Tracy, Rob Tessier, Abe Blanchard, Caleb Hawley, Kyle Lewis, Steve Schaub, Marcus Lambert and Jacob Olson, and

Whereas, Head Coach Jim McLaughlin, and his outstanding assistant coaches Chuck Worrell, Ramsey Worrell and Zack Scott brought inspired and wise direction to the team, and

Whereas, the participation of 12th men Jerron Fox and Keegan Moriarity, and the valuable support of managers Kaitlyn Hummel, Eileen Fowler, Peter Cronin and Matt Pickett contributed to the outstanding season, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates the 2000 Woodstock Union High School Division III championship field hockey and football teams, and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to coaches Jim McLaughlin and Wendy Wannop at Woodstock Union High School.