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NO. R-160. JOINT RESOLUTION honoring the unique Vermont voice and public service record of WDEV-AM in Waterbury on the occasion of the radio station's 70th anniversary.

(J.R.S. 64)

Offered by: Senator Doyle of Washington County, Senator Cummings of Washington County and Senator Scott of Washington County.

Whereas, on July 16, 1931, the Vermont airwaves cracked with the sounds of Washington County’s first radio station, WDEV-AM, in Waterbury, and

Whereas, on that July morning, WDEV inaugurated a broadcast odyssey of serving Vermont with the finest locally-based public information, sports and entertainment broadcasts, and

Whereas, WDEV has achieved an admirable record as a key community resource, broadcasting news of major events ranging from natural disasters to election night returns, and

Whereas, coverage of State House events commenced in the 1940s with a live broadcast from the office of then-Governor William H. Wills, and

Whereas, WDEV has fostered a strong community spirit through the live broadcast of interscholastic and intercollegiate sports, including pioneer coverage of girls’ and women’s competition, and

Whereas, WDEV has repeatedly won special recognition from many organizations, such as the Vermont Associated Press Broadcaster’s Association, for the excellence of its news and sports coverage, and

Whereas, WDEV has always been operated by Vermonters, namely Lloyd and Kenley Squier, who have adhered to the station’s initial mission of broadcasting for the public good, and

Whereas, WDEV remains committed to providing relevant, and especially emergency, information as a programming priority, and

Whereas, WDEV is now the flagship station of the five-station WDEV broadcast group which provides Vermonters with diverse radio offerings, including in-depth local newscasts, play-by-play coverage of sporting events, live public affairs talk programs originating from the State House, ornithology discussions, and full-length classical and country music concerts, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates WDEV-AM on a 70-year broadcasting record of outstanding community service, and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Ken Squier at radio station WDEV in Waterbury.