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NO. R-155. JOINT RESOLUTION in memory of John Coolidge.

(J.R.H. 116)

Offered by: Representatives Anderson of Woodstock and Nitka of Ludlow.

Whereas, although John Coolidge, son of Grace and Calvin Coolidge, was born in Northampton, Massachusetts and resided much of his adult life in Connecticut, he was the scion of one of Vermont’s most famous citizens, with a lifetime interest in his ancestral home, and

Whereas, after graduation from Amherst College, he entered private industry and assumed an active role in the civic life of Connecticut, serving as a corporator of the Hartford Hospital, the Hartford Seminary Foundation and the Institute of Living, treasurer of the Connecticut Manufacturers’ Association, life trustee of the Hartford Boys’ Club, and trustee emeritus of the Clark School for the Deaf in Northampton, Massachusetts, and

Whereas, after an early retirement as president of the Connecticut Manifold Forms Company, John Coolidge, with his wife Florence Trumbull, began to implement his lifelong dream of preserving, for future generations, the boyhood home of President Calvin Coolidge and his father’s legacy in Plymouth Notch, Vermont, and

Whereas, never capitalizing on the fame of his parents, John Coolidge and his wife donated the Coolidge Homestead and its contents to the state of Vermont in 1956, and later donated the original furnishings of the President’s birthplace and many of the priceless and historically important objects associated with President and Mrs. Coolidge, and

Whereas, in pursuit of his vision of a restored and accurate portrayal of Plymouth Notch, John Coolidge reopened the historic Plymouth Cheese Factory in 1960 and actively continued to direct its production of traditional granular curd cheese until 1998, and

Whereas, the Coolidge family’s bargain sale of important real estate in Plymouth Notch to the state of Vermont, combined with the donation of historic material, has created one of the best preserved presidential sites in the nation, and

Whereas, through John Coolidge’s selfless generosity and foresight, the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation now owns, maintains, preserves, and interprets most of the National Historic Landmark at Plymouth Notch known as the "President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site," which includes not only the Coolidge Homestead and Presidential birthplace, but adjacent farms, houses, community buildings and exhibition space, and

Whereas, John Coolidge was a major force in the formation and growth of the Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation which is committed, through study, academic seminars and other public programs, to more thoughtfully examine and appreciate the legacy of Calvin Coolidge and his era, and

Whereas, in his final years, John Coolidge became a full-time resident of Vermont to reside in his family’s ancestral home in Plymouth Notch where he carefully watched over the restoration and rehabilitation of his family’s legacy until his death at the age of 93, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly extends its sympathies to the family of the late John Coolidge, and to proclaim its appreciation of the devotion Florence and John Coolidge had for Vermont and Plymouth Notch, and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to John Coolidge’s grandchildren Jennifer Harville, John Sayles and Christopher Jeter.