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NO. R-149. JOINT RESOLUTION congratulating the 2001 Colchester High School Lakers’ girls’ cross-country ski team.

(J.R.H. 110)

Offered by: Representatives Dakin of Colchester, Schaefer of Colchester, Severance of Colchester and Vinton of Colchester.

Whereas, the Colchester High School Lakers’ girls’ cross-country skiing championship team was truly prepared to defend its Nordic crown in 2001, and

Whereas, while having once again qualified for the crucial state finals, the Lakers had only four varsity skiers available for scoring purposes, the absolute minimum required for participation in the competition, and

Whereas, each of the four scorers responded to this difficult challenge with superb skiing performances, and

Whereas, senior Erika Forkas, having prepared for the championship meet by completing a 100-kilometer ski tour, earned second place in the individual competition, and

Whereas, junior Erin Mallory, who, prior to the state championships, had won one race and placed in the top five in six others, earned a very respectable fifth place, and

Whereas, Erica Hunt, who, as a ninth grader, was handed an enormous role and placed 15th at the tournament, which proved to be essential for the Laker victory, and

Whereas, Nichole Crowley, despite a lingering bronchial infection, contributed to the Laker cause, and

Whereas, aside from their individual performances, these four outstanding Colchester skiers won the relay event which proved to be the deciding factor, and

Whereas, although not counted in the tournament’s scoring, Lakers Kari Anderson, Anilia Lawrence, Rachael Gamburg, Hydie Buchanan and Miranda Ugalde proudly represented the Lakers on the trail, and each gained valuable tournament experience which will serve the team well in the years ahead, and

Whereas, Coach Leigh Mallory and Coach Zach Krammer expertly directed these outstanding skiers in their quest for a second state cross-country title, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates the 2001 Colchester girls’ cross-country ski team on capturing its second consecutive state championship title, and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Leigh Mallory at Colchester High School.