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NO. R-135. JOINT RESOLUTION honoring Polly and Patsy Casanova for their outstanding proprietorship of the Route 30 County Seat Market in Newfane.

(J.R.H. 99)

Offered by: Representatives Darrow of Newfane and Partridge of Windham.

Whereas, the local general store is a part of Vermont lore, and

Whereas, in 1977, Polly and Patsy Casanova established the Route 30 County Seat Market in Newfane, which strove to fulfill the immediate grocery and sundry needs of its loyal customers, and

Whereas, for their first 15 years in operation, the Casanovas resided on the premises, and they periodically received middle-of-the-night calls from the state police to supply gas for stranded motorists, and

Whereas, local residents would gather at the Route 30 County Seat Market each morning to purchase a cup of coffee and a newspaper, and to exchange information relating to vital matters of community importance, and

Whereas, the citizens of Newfane came to rely on the friendly service and immediate access to basic goods that were the hallmark of the Route 30 County Seat Market, and

Whereas, Polly and Patsy Casanovaís hospitality and cordiality were a welcomed change from the formality of larger retail establishments, and

Whereas, after successfully operating the Route 30 County Seat Market for 23 years, Polly and Patsy Casanova have decided that the moment has arrived to permanently lock the storeís doors, and to devote more time to their family and to personal pursuits, including gardening and camping, and

Whereas, in fulfillment of this personal objective, the Casanovas will shut the marketís doors for good on Easter Sunday, April 15, at 12 noon, and

Whereas, the Casanovas are not being permitted to retire without a hearty thank you and fond farewell, and

Whereas, in celebration and honor of the Casanovasí friendship and unique entrepreneurial role in the Newfane community, a potluck supper will be held on April 29 at the Newbrook Firehouse, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly is pleased to honor Patsy and Polly Casanova for their wonderful contribution during the past 23 years to daily life in Newfane, and wishes them a wonderful retirement, and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Patsy and Polly Casanova in Newfane.