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NO. R-130. JOINT RESOLUTION in celebration of Lorraine B. Good-Samsom’s life in the arts.

(J.R.H. 94)

Offered by: Representative Miller of Shaftsbury.

Whereas, Lorraine B. Good-Samsom truly epitomized the ideal arts advocate and leader, and

Whereas, a Montreal native, Lorraine’s life journey in the arts initially led her on a westward path to the Pacific coast where she served as the Los Angeles-based executive director of Telefilm Canada, representing the interests of the Canadian film industry in America’s movie production capital, and

Whereas, Lorraine’s legacy to the arts in Vermont started in 1989 when she organized a 50th anniversary tribute to the National Film Board of Canada at the Vermont International Film Festival in Burlington, and the festival subsequently hired her as its executive director, and

Whereas, under Lorraine’s leadership, the Vermont International Film Festival gained in stature as an important mecca for exhibiting cinematic offerings from around the world, and

Whereas, based on her festival role, she was an obvious choice for Governor Dean to appoint to the inaugural board of directors of the Vermont Film Commission that the General Assembly chartered in 1996 to promote film production and the film industry in Vermont, and

Whereas, her wisdom, creativity and ingenuity were essential in launching the commission’s highly successful campaign to herald Vermont as a great location to shoot films, in an era when nearly every state is actively marketing itself as the next Hollywood, and

Whereas, beyond the strips of celluloid, Lorraine was a past director of the Vermont Jazz Festival as she helped to enliven Burlington’s musical offerings, and

Whereas, realizing that the vitality of a community’s art life extends far beyond any single institution, she conducted a cultural needs assessment for the city of Burlington, and

Whereas, in the midst of her active life, Lorraine found time to earn a bachelor’s degree from Burlington College, and

Whereas, after being diagnosed with the cancer that would tragically terminate her life far too prematurely, Lorraine discovered a new arts path to personal fulfillment and redemption as a member of the Burlington Community Choir, in which she sang with great joy, even leaving her hospital bed to musically celebrate life with her singing compatriots, and

Whereas, Lorraine is survived by her husband Karel Samsom and his children Kaj and Caroline, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly extends its condolences to the family of Lorraine B. Good-Samsom, and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Karel Samsom in Burlington, and to the Vermont Film Commission.