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NO. R-120. JOINT RESOLUTION congratulating the 2000 Mount Abraham Union High School Eagles Division IV football team.

(J.R.S. 50)

Offered by: Senator Gossens of Addison County.

Whereas, although the punting and passing of the elongated pigskin ball is a venerable institution at most Vermont schools, this favorite weekend past-time had long escaped the campus of Mt. Abraham Union High School, and

Whereas, in 1999, a yearning for this truly American sport led to the establishment of a Division IV football team, the Mt. Abraham Union High School Eagles, and

Whereas, the traditional sporting convention, dictating that the junior teams defer to their more experienced rivals, was of no consequence for the ambitious Eagles, and

Whereas, in only their second season, the Eagles, after defeating the Winooski High School Spartans by a score of 16-8 to earn the second seed in the Division IV playoff, returned the following week to overwhelm the Spartans 20-0, sparked by a sensational defensive line that kept the Spartan offense to a mere 76 yards, and

Whereas, in tackling their championship opponent, the undefeated U-32 Raiders, the Eagles were facing a team that had twice defeated them during the regular season, and

Whereas, despite the most formidable challenge, the Eagles overcame an initial 8-0 deficit, including a late second quarter 59-yard drive, that enabled the men from Mt. Abraham to assume a satisfying 12-8 halftime lead, and

Whereas, although the Eagles ultimately did not capture the championship crown, their superb seasonal and playoff performance is worthy of commendation, especially in light of the team's brief history, and

Whereas, all of the Eagles, including Andrew DeRenzis, Andrew Morrie, Jason Griner, Justin Tierney, Curtis Layn, Jacob Forkas, Kyle Hartman, Dan Ingram, Bruce Meecham, Nick Castle, Noah Ketchledge, Travis Cram, Jason Kittredge, Matt Curler, Jesse Paul, Devon Bennett, Matt Miller and Joe French, deserve praise for so quickly establishing their prowess among Vermont high school teams, and

Whereas, Head Coach Bill Leggett and Assistant Coach Ernie Senecal were outstanding in guiding their players to a high athletic plateau, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates the Mt. Abraham Union High School Football Eagles on their extraordinary sophomore season, and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Bill Leggett at Mt. Abraham Union High School.