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NO. R-115. JOINT RESOLUTION congratulating the 2001 North Country Union High School Falcons Division II hockey team.

(J.R.H. 83)

Offered by: Representatives Starr of Troy, Sheltra of Derby, Hall of Newport City, Kilmartin of Newport City and Shaw of Derby.

Whereas, the North Country Union High School Falcons Division II hockey team had played for a decade without carrying home the divisional championship title, and

Whereas, the 2000-2001 Falcons eliminated any doubts concerning their worthiness as a divisional finalist when, in the semifinal contest, they overwhelmingly defeated the Colchester Lakers 6-1, and

Whereas, the seventh-seeded icemen from the north were hardly deterred by their opponents, the Rutland Raiders, the fourth-place tournament seed, and

Whereas, despite an initial 1-0 Raider lead in the championship game, the Falcons’ powerful defensive line prevented any additional Raider scoring, and

Whereas, early in the second period, Ryan Jacobs, with assistance from Josh Laber, put the Falcons on the scoreboard, and

Whereas, with the game still tied late in the third period, the Falcons successfully executed a power play to assume a 2-1 lead, and

Whereas, with only 37 seconds remaining in regulation play, the Falcons easily directed the puck into the then-empty Raider net, for a 3-1 triumph, and

Whereas, the 2000-2001 hockey Falcons will long be remembered as the lowest-seeded team ever to clinch the Division II championship title, and

Whereas, all of the Falcon icemen, including Justin Wright, Matt Manzi, Ryan Jacobs, Josh Laber, Michael Quirion, Jeff Giroux, Kyle Neumayer, Nathan Routhier, Brendan Donnelly, Jim Roberts, Mitch Watson, Matthew Houghton, Brent DelaBruere, Jake Lopacinski, Eric Binette, Christopher Gaudreau, Mike Patenaude, Travis Cross, Jason Keysar, Joseph Queenin and Stephan Carrier, as well as student support staff Cody Duckless, Joanna Thomas and Bobby Queenin, were vital contributors to this great Falcon victory, and

Whereas, first-year Head Coach David Dubois, and assistant coaches Jim Jacobs and Robert McKenney provided the essential leadership that enabled the Falcons to emerge victorious, and

Whereas, the Falcons presented the game puck to their special inspiration, Hillary Baker, the little seven-year-old girl who is bravely fighting to live, despite a severe illness, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates the 2001 North Country Union High School Division II hockey champions, and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to all of the coaches and players of the North Country Union High School 2001 Division II Championship hockey team.