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NO. R-43. JOINT RESOLUTION honoring Lucy Nichol for her role in creating the peace park in Montpelier.

(J.R.H. 31)

Offered by: Representatives Kitzmiller of Montpelier and Brooks of Montpelier.

Whereas, Lucy Nichol is a long-time member of the Womenís International League of Peace and Freedom, and

Whereas, she had a vision to develop a serene and beautiful city park dedicated to peace, and

Whereas, while the league enthusiastically endorsed this wonderful enhancement to the capital city, it lacked the funds to see the project to fruition, and

Whereas, upon the death of Lucy Nicholís husband, Herbert Nichol, she requested that memorial contributions be dedicated to the development of the peace park, and

Whereas, the Montpelier City Council endorsed her proposal, and she was able to locate an ideal and beautiful site for the peace park that is adjacent to the Montpelier Bike Path along the Winooski River, and

Whereas, with the steadfast assistance of her colleague and friend, Esther Farnsworth, Lucy Nichol was able to solicit sufficient funding to see her vision blossom into a reality, and

Whereas, the park site features comfortable benches, a tile mosaic depicting a dove, the symbol of peace, and an array of plantings, including trees, flower bulbs and perennials, and

Whereas, the Montpelier Peace Park is truly a tribute to the extraordinary effort of Lucy Nichol, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly is pleased to recognize Lucy Nichol, whose fortitude and dedication resulted in the establishment of a peace park in Montpelier, and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Lucy Nichol in Montpelier.