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NO. R-16. JOINT RESOLUTION in honor of Morton "Lucky" and Louise Diamond.

(J.R.H. 10)

Offered by: Representative Fisher of Lincoln.

Whereas, emergency management plans, and the facility to rapidly implement them when needed, are vital for every community, and

Whereas, Morton "Lucky" Diamond, the town of Lincoln's emergency manager, in a unique partnership with his wonderful wife, Louise, has successfully guided his hometown through two presidentially-declared disasters, and

Whereas, the Lincoln Emergency Operations Plan that the Diamonds were instrumental in developing is considered a model for small rural communities, and

Whereas, the Diamonds' professional and timely response to these emergencies which have befallen Lincoln, was so superbly executed that the Vermont Emergency Management office (VEM) specially recognized their outstanding efforts, and

Whereas, when a severe drought struck Lincoln in 1999, the Diamondsí leadership greatly assisted the town as it struggled to cope with the severe climatic conditions, and

Whereas, beyond the confines of Lincoln, the Diamonds are active members of the Addison County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC#8), and have contributed to the development of an Addison County hazardous materials emergency plan, and

Whereas, the Diamonds are working with VEM in the development of a program encouraging local emergency planning that can be presented across the state, and

Whereas, Lucky Diamond, in his capacity as Lincoln's 2nd Constable, has been pivotal in the establishment of a monthly roundtable for law enforcement officials in Addison County, and has served as an officer in the State Constables Association, and

Whereas, as the coordinator of Lincoln's Neighborhood Watch, Lucky Diamond, with the advice of Louise, has instituted an effective citizens' watch in Lincoln, and

Whereas, few, if any, Vermont towns have been so fortunate to have such a dedicated husband-and-wife team to spearhead the delivery of their community's essential public services, and

Whereas, the Diamonds truly epitomize the ideal "good neighbors" and "civicly conscientious citizens," now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly salutes and recognizes the exemplary public service of Morton "Lucky" Diamond and his wife, Louise, and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Morton and Louise Diamond in Lincoln.