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ACT NO. 60


Elevator Safety

This act assures the safety of elevators located in public buildings by requiring registration and safety inspections of existing and proposed new installations of elevators, and licensing of both inspectors and people who install and maintain elevators. The program only covers conveyances that move people vertically, not conveyances that move people horizontally, nor those over which the federal or Vermont Occupational Safety and Health Act has jurisdiction.

The elevator program is to be administered by an elevator safety review board, composed of five members: the Commissioner of Labor and Industry, and four other members appointed by the Governor, including representatives from a major elevator manufacturer and from an elevator service company, an owner of a multistoried building in which there is an elevator, and a person who installs and repairs elevators.

The act also requires the Commissioner of Labor and Industry to report to the legislature on January 1, 2003 on the status of the program.

Effective Date: The effective dates provide that the board be appointed by October 1, 2001 and their rules be adopted by January 15, 2002. The process for licensing, the assessment of penalties, the permit requirement for the installation and alteration of elevators, the certificate requirement for operation, and the suspension or revocation of licenses are effective July 1, 2002. The registration requirement of existing elevators is effective March 1, 2002 and the penalties take effect March 1, 2003.