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ACT NO. 39


Agriculture; Fertilizer and Lime; Dairy; Dog Licenses; State Agencies to Purchase Vermont Products

This act:

(1) Expands the prohibition on distribution of a lime or fertilizer product, from one that contains seed, is different from label, or contains an ingredient that is harmful to beneficial plant life, to include one that contains heavy metals, radioactive substances or synthetic organics in sufficient amounts to render it injurious to livestock or human health, when used as directed, or if safe use instructions are not shown on the label.

(2) Adopts, by reference, the uniform regulation for sanitation requirements, as adopted by the National Conference on Interstate Milk Shippers, and published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, Food and Drug Administration, Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance to establish legally-binding standards for sanitation, drug residues and other public health concerns regarding consumption of milk and other dairy products.

(3) Repeals Vermont law restricting the sale of butter and margarine to specific weight units to eliminate inconsistencies with present market standards and federal regulations.

(4) For administrative ease and efficiency, allows veterinarians to use a stamp signature to “issue” rabies certificates rather than requiring the veterinarian’s written signature on the certificate.

(5) Adds state-funded institutions to the list that previously included only the Secretary of Administration and the Commissioner of Buildings and General Services, as those directed to, when purchasing agricultural products and all other considerations being equal, purchase Vermont grown or produced products that meet quality standards established by the Commissioner of Agriculture, Food and Markets.

Effective Date: July 1, 2001