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ACT NO. 32


Health Insurance Coverage for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Act 129 of the 2000 session required that each year the five largest health insurance companies in Vermont file a report card on the health insurance plan’s performance in relation to quality measures for the care, treatment, and treatment options of mental health and substance abuse conditions covered under the plan. Act 129 also identified specific elements to be included in the report card.

This act makes a few simple administrative changes to last year’s Act 129. For administrative ease, it changes the information reporting date from March 1 to July 15, adds a cross-reference to a rule in order to eliminate ambiguity and duplication, and eliminates the requirement that insurance companies report the total number of denials per insured's lifetime because that information is not reasonably collectable for every insured's entire lifetime.

Effective Date: July 1, 2001