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Checklists and Voter Registration Applications and Affidavits; Motor Voter Registration

This act relates in part to motor voter registration. It requires that voter application forms included as part of a department of motor vehicles license application be in two copies, rather than one, so that a copy can be retained by the voter. It then allows a board of civil authority, on election day, to add to the checklist persons who present a copy of a valid voter application, as well as persons who sign a sworn affidavit that they completed and submitted a valid voter application. In addition, it permits a town clerk to add names to the checklist, if a town so votes. Finally, it allows the town clerk to divide the checklist into active and inactive sections, and authorizes the secretary of state to develop and implement a statewide voter registration program to encourage persons to register to vote on their 18th birthday.

Effective Date: The provision requiring DMV voter application forms to be in two copies takes effect on January 1, 2002. All other provisions became effective

April 10, 2001.