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(J.R.H. 263)

Offered by: Representative Tracy of Burlington, Aswad of Burlington, Bouricius of Burlington, Corren of Burlington, Gretkowski of Burlington, Hingtgen of Burlington, Lafayette of Burlington, McNamara of Burlington, Sullivan of Burlington, Wheeler of Burlington and Zuckerman of Burlington.

Whereas, the Burlington High School Football Seahorses suited up for their Division II Championship game against their rivals from across the municipal line, South Burlington, boasting an impressive 9-1 season record, and

Whereas, co-captain and running back Nate Long immediately ignited the first of his five stupendous touchdown efforts as he personally gained 307 yards and concluded the season with an amazing grand total of 3,232 yards, the 10th highest ever recorded for a high school player, and

Whereas, as a result of the Seahorses’ overpowering offensive performance, the gridiron men from the state’s largest city won the game by a score of 41-14, and earned Burlington High School’s first football championship title in nearly three decades, and

Whereas, an outstanding 31-yard touchdown pass by Mujahid Karim to co-captain Willie Kinley exemplified the high caliber of play that this historic squad, also consisting of co-captains Jason Daignault and Mike Alvanos, and team members Saeed Hammond, Bajro Pasic, Nick Thayer, Kestrel Linder, Derrick Brown, Husain Karim, Brian McMahon, Luke Collins, Ricky Beaudin, Vinnie Bassett, Ryan Kirby, Cory Walsh, Eric McMahon, Jay Cheeseman, David Barch, Michael Weiss, Jay Carmen, Travis Gokey, Jason Myers, Justin Bonilla, Chris Hubbard, Colin Barch, Chuck Cline, Steve Davison, Matt Smith, Ben Eley, Brian Anderson, Tom Walsh, Cory Loudon, Brendan Mahoney and Brian Monje, and supported by team managers Damien McGennis and Alex Hodgetts demonstrated throughout the contest, and

Whereas, Head Coach Bob McCarthy, and his able assistant coaches Torry Allard, Shane Cheeseman, Wayne Courcy, Mike Interlandi, David Baldwin and Ryan Echo, provided superb guidance to these talented young athletes, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly extends its congratulations to the Burlington High School Seahorses, the 1999 Division II Football Champions, and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Head Coach Bob McCarthy at Burlington High School.