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(J.R.H. 260)

Offered by: Representatives Ginevan of Middlebury and Nuovo of Middlebury.

Whereas, Richard Goodro has served the citizens of Middlebury as a dedicated municipal public servant for over a quarter of a century, and

Whereas, he first assumed public office in 1974, when the voters elected him as Middlebury Town Auditor, and

Whereas, the citizens of Middlebury were so pleased with his performance as town auditor, that at the annual town meeting in 1976, they elected Richard Goodro to the important joint positions of town clerk and town treasurer, and

Whereas, he courteously, diligently and faithfully executed the duties prescribed for each of these offices, pursuant to the Middlebury Charter and ordinances for the following 23 years, as the voters always renewed his electoral contract at the expiration of his term, and

Whereas, Richard Goodro’s talents and wisdom were recognized beyond his home municipality’s borders as he was appointed to the state’s Public Records Advisory Board and several panels under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of State, and

Whereas, he is one of the very few Vermont town clerks who has graduated from the New England town clerk certification program, the classes for which were held in Rhode Island, and

Whereas, Richard Goodro volunteered many hours for, and was an active member of, the Vermont Town Clerks and Treasurers Association, and

Whereas, when not working on matters related to Middlebury municipal affairs or the interests of all Vermont’s town governments, he participated in a number of worthy activities, including the Middlebury Music Boosters, of which he served as president, the Middlebury Community Players and the Addison County Court Diversion Board on which he continues to serve, and

Whereas, along with his wife Daryl, he has fostered improved international relations by hosting foreign students who are attending Middlebury High School, and then remaining in contact with these students after they return to their native lands, and

Whereas, after distinguishing himself as an exemplary municipal public servant, Richard Goodro is now enjoying his retirement while continuing as an active citizen of Middlebury, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates Richard Goodro on his many contributions to the administration of municipal government, in both Middlebury and all of Vermont, and wishes him a happy retirement with his wife and family, and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Richard Goodro in Middlebury.