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(J.R.H. 223)

Offered by: Representatives Hooker of Rutland City, Carmolli of Rutland City, DePoy of Rutland City, Kreitzer of Rutland City and Mazzariello of Rutland City.

Whereas, the Rutland City Clerk performs essential administrative duties, particularly with respect to the maintenance of local vital records, for the citizens of Rutland, and

Whereas, since 1983, when Mayor Jack Daley first appointed Rosemary Finley as Rutland City Clerk, she has compiled a record of public service that is comparable to none, and

Whereas, her municipal public service career commenced in 1975 when she was hired, as the secretary, for the newly-established city community development position of planning coordinator, and

Whereas, Rosemary Finley’s planning office duties were subsequently expanded to include serving as secretary to the city building inspector, and

Whereas, during the next few years, she was also called upon to keep minutes for Rutland City’s Board of Zoning Adjustment and School Board, and

Whereas, under Mayor Jack Daley, Rosemary Finley served both as his secretary and the city’s equal opportunity officer, and

Whereas, in 1983, when the position of City Clerk became vacant, she had accrued extensive knowledge and experience concerning the operations of Rutland City’s government, and

Whereas, this background, in combination with Mayor Jack Daley’s respect for Rosemary Finley’s dedication to public service, made his decision to appoint her Rutland City Clerk an ideal choice, and

Whereas, despite an initial reluctance in 1983 by the Board of Aldermen to confirm a politically unknown personality as city clerk, Rosemary Finley’s exemplary caliber of work has earned her unanimous board approval each time the mayor has reappointed her to a new term, and

Whereas, her management of the Rutland City Clerk’s office, and the performance of her responsibilities for the Board of Aldermen, serve as models for municipal clerks across the state, and

Whereas, after 17 years as Rutland City Clerk, Rosemary Finley has decided that the year 2000 is an appropriate time to retire from municipal public service, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly is pleased to recognize the outstanding tenure of Rosemary Finley as Rutland City Clerk and wishes her the best in her future endeavors, and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to retiring Rutland City Clerk, Rosemary Finley at Rutland City Hall.