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(J.R.H. 226)

Offered by: Representatives Anderson of Woodstock, Kehler of Pomfret, Levin of Hartland, Pike of Mendon and Sweaney of Windsor.

Whereas, Woodstock Union High School athletic teams have achieved great heights, winning several state championships during the 1999 and 2000 calendar years, and

Whereas, in the spring of 1999 the men’s lacrosse team defeated Middlebury High School, its perennial state title opponent, 12-11, in an exciting contest that resulted in the school’s fourth consecutive state championship, and

Whereas, the 1999 men’s lacrosse state championship team, including captain Andy Holland and teammates John Densmore, Scott Dunn, Alex Mroszczyk-McDonald, Chris Murray, Ben Brettell, Mike Cronin, Alex Eastman, Steve Geiger, Dave Matz, John Naclerio, Nick Scott, Ben Waters, Bob Wannop, Ben Brown, David Coker, Jon Cushman, Natie Emmons, Rory Kilcullen, Lucas Lambert, Ben Spaulding, Brian Wannop, Luke Young, Jeremy Kendall and Derek Siegler was ranked third in New England and honored in the July 1999 issue of “Sports Illustrated Magazine, ” and

Whereas, the success of the men’s lacrosse team was due in large part to the superb efforts of Head Coach Lou Young, assistant coaches Matt Birmingham, Jay Fauci, Greg Hanson, Mark Hazen, and Kevin Lynch and team managers Cate Tiller and Lindsay Harris, and

Whereas, during the winter of 1999-2000, the Woodstock boys’ and girls’ alpine ski teams were each crowned state champion, and

Whereas, the girls’ ski team, including co-captains Kristin Pontecorvo and Suki Dalury, and teammates Cassandra Savelberg, Lindsay Brennan, Ashley Tucker, Julia Bretell and Jaqueline Kenney, completed the regular season with six victories and no defeats, earning the southern district championship, and

Whereas, during post-season competition, the lady skiers captured their second consecutive state championship, and

Whereas, their male counterparts, the boys’ ski team, consisting of co-captains Mike Cronin and Jonathan Souter, and fellow skiers Benjamin Brettel, Chris Byers, Edward Kenney, Ben Labrecque, Joe Dunn, Colby Stetson, Sam Shallow, Patrick Clunan, Steve Byres and Chris Shallow, completed their regular season schedule with a 4-2 record, giving them third place in the southern district, and

Whereas, the team continued their stunning performance on the slopes in post-season competition by winning a second consecutive state championship, and

Whereas, Coach Karen Dalury expertly guided both the boys’ and girls’ ski teams in their championship quests, and

Whereas, the varsity ice hockey program at Woodstock Union High School was only resumed after an extended hiatus in the 1998-1999 academic year, and

Whereas, despite the program’s relative youth on the Vermont interscholastic ice hockey scene, the team concluded the season with 11 victories and defeated the Hartford High School team 1-0 for the 2000 Division III championship, and

Whereas, all of the players, including Bob Wannop, Steve Geiger, Ben Swanson, Devon Wood, Jerod Eames, Matt Brown, Pat Willis, Jonathon Mcgee, Dan Leonard, Evan Mowle, Nick Scott, Ahren Erikson, Rory Kilcullen, Ben Brown, Dave Matz, Nattie Emmons and Derek Seigler contributed to the team’s success on the ice, and

Whereas, ice hockey coach Dan French provided the critical leadership and guidance that enabled these outstanding players to bring the Division III title to Woodstock Union High School, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates all of the student athletes and coaches of Woodstock Union High School whose dedication to their respective teams enabled the school to achieve extraordinary athletic accomplishments, and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Jim McLaughlin, the athletic director at Woodstock Union High School.