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(J.R.H. 202)

Offered by: Representatives Dakin of Colchester, Schaefer of Colchester, Severance of Colchester and Vinton of Colchester.

Whereas, the top-seeded Colchester Lakers Ice Hockey Team faced off against the Middlebury Tigers at the Gutterson Field House for the 2000 Division II Championship, anticipating an exciting evening of competition on the ice, and

Whereas, the Lakers could hardly have foreseen the ensuing late night double overtime extravaganza that ensued on the icy surface, the first time a high school ice hockey championship was so extended since 1982, and

Whereas, the Lakers freshman goalie, Matt Ward, valiantly defended his territory and tallied 31 saves during the long evening of play, and

Whereas, Andy Miles, with the assistance of Travis Miles, opened the scoring at 10:08 in the first period, and

Whereas, at 4:53 in the second period, Ryan Esbjerg scored his first goal of the evening, and

Whereas, after two second-period Tiger scoring successes, the tied game moved forward, bereft of any goals until the final 28 seconds of regulation play when Laker senior Ty Pratt's late third-period goal propelled the Lakers into the lead, and

Whereas, the Tigers quickly responded with a similarly successful scoring foray, necessitating overtime play, and

Whereas, at nearly midnight, with only 21 seconds remaining in the second overtime period, Ryan Esbjerg, with the able assistance of Ty Pratt, scored the winning goal as the exhausted, but jubilant, Lakers captured the school's first Division II Hockey Championship, and

Whereas, the entire squad, including Matt Perreault, Jeff Boyer, Matt Brouillard, Adam Hammond, Adam Antell, Michael Jean, Bryan Hardy, Chris King, Sean Bailey, Emily Cabral, Shaun Rancourt, Sean Torino, Colin Spaulding and Nick McCarthy, is to be congratulated for its outstanding caliber of play and unbelievable physical and emotional perseverance, and

Whereas, Coach Greg Murray, and his able staff, consisting of Mike Murray and Joe Faulstich, are to be commended for their outstanding effort, as is team manager Bob Beech, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates the Colchester High School Lakers 2000 Division II Championship Ice Hockey Team, and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Coach Greg Murray at Colchester High School.