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(J.R.H. 160)

Offered by: Representatives Sweaney of Windsor and Dunne of Hartland.

Whereas, track runners are a hardy lot who must possess long endurance, strong stamina, the ability to quicken or steady their pace depending on the distance of the run, and a competitive drive to always give the run their utmost effort, and

Whereas, reaching the lofty pinnacle of a divisional track championship is a feat that only few high school track teams will achieve, and even rarer is the year when both boys' and girls' teams from the same scholastic institution earn this coveted honor, and

Whereas, under the inspired leadership of head coaches Mike Martin and Susan Murphy, and with the able help for both squads from assistant coaches Jamie Beattie, Mark Fields and Travis Dunbar, both the Boys' and Girls' Windsor High School Track Teams successfully dashed and sprinted to capture their respective 1999 Division III Championships, and

Whereas, the Windsor Boys' Track Team stunned their opponents by winning a second consecutive Division III Title with a nearly unbelievable score of 171 to 68 at the state championship meet, and

Whereas, displaying an offensively spunky determination, the Windsor Girls' Track Team worked gallantly throughout the day to win the state finals by the razor-thin score of 110 to 109.5, and

Whereas, all of these outstanding young student athletes, including Leigh Canon, Jaime Davidson, Matt Boudro, Sam Donahue, Jed Rose, Nick Knight, Taylor Sullivan, Mark Gilbert, Randy Shambo, Alison Crary, Caitlyn Hughes, Heather Carmichael, Marcie Howard, Amanda Paquette, Jana TanCreti, Rob Kebalka, Matt Holden, Mike Waker, Amy Carmichael, Cassandra Kibling, Vin Fusca, Nicole Carmichael, Richard Gilbert, Emily Silvester, Kiel Alarcon, Molly Matteson, Andrew Carmichael, Liz Vezina, Erika Weld, Adam McMahon, Tim Vezina, Ian Lord, Matt Steele, Chris LaGrow, Becky Johnson, Kara Lihl, Caitlyn Hood, Kristin Hawk, Bryan Tenney, Jason Vivian, Theresa Olds, Mike Barton, Tim Penn, Tom Cochran, Justin Bicknell, Jamie Carmichael and Kevin Caffrey, ran their best, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates all of the students and coaches who enabled the Windsor High School Boys' and Girls' Track Teams to each emerge as the 1999 Division III Champions, and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of State is directed to send a copy of this resolution to Windsor High School Athletic Director Bob Hingston.