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(J.R.H. 122)

Offered by: Representatives Tracy of Burlington and Dunne of Hartland.

Whereas, the State of Vermont is a vibrant business and leisure destination, featuring 2,100 manufacturing firms; more colleges per capita than any other state; and third in the country in the percentage of tourism visits emanating from outside the state, and

Whereas, the state's future growth is dependent to a large extent on the ability of all Vermonters and visitors to travel on safe and low fare air carriers, and

Whereas, Burlington International Airport (BTV) is the only major hub for air service in the State of Vermont, and

Whereas, the quality and cost of operations at Burlington International Airport are attractive to existing and new carriers because there are no costs for overnight storage of airplanes, landing fees are among the lowest in New England, and Burlington International Airport has recently completed an attractive, extensive expansion, and

Whereas, New York City is Burlington International Airport's number one origin and destination market and currently there is no service of any kind provided in the Burlington International Airport - John F. Kennedy International air market and no jet service or low fare service to either John F. Kennedy International Airport or La Guardia Airport, and

Whereas, New Air Corporation, the most highly capitalized new carrier in United States aviation history, has expressed an interest in providing nonstop, low fare jet service to Burlington International Airport from its base of operations at John F. Kennedy International Airport beginning in the year 2000, and

Whereas, were New Air Corporation's proposed service to Burlington International Airport to become a reality, it would greatly enhance the vitality of Burlington International Airport and be a major boost to the Vermont economy, and

Whereas, the Agency of Transportation and the Agency of Commerce and Community Development have worked closely with the Burlington Board of Airport Commissioners and the Burlington Air Task Force to aid Burlington International Airport in an effort to bring this significant transportation and economic improvement to the earliest possible fruition, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly supports the application of New Air Corporation for an exemption from the High Density Rule at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to the Honorable Rodney E. Slater, Secretary of the United States Department of Transportation, Senator Patrick Leahy, Senator James Jeffords, Representative Bernard Sanders, New Air Corporation, Acting Transportation Secretary Micque Glitman, Commerce Secretary Molly Lambert, the Burlington Airport Director of Aviation, the Burlington Board of Airport Commissioners and the Burlington Air Task Force.