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(J.R.H. 22)

Offered by: Representatives Dakin of Colchester, Schaefer of Colchester, Severance of Colchester and Vinton of Colchester.

Whereas, 1998 was only the fourth season for the Colchester High School Lakers' Division IV eight-man football team, which is funded exclusively through private contributions, and

Whereas, developing a winning interscholastic football program often requires many years of patience and fortitude, and

Whereas, the Lakers' hard work, under the great guidance of newly appointed coach, Steve McLaughlin, earned them a berth in the 1998 Division IV Championship contest against the 1997 champions, the Yellowjackets of Milton High School, and

Whereas, although the Yellowjackets were an outstanding team, and they quickly assumed a 6-0 lead, the Lakers were not easily deterred, and

Whereas, in the opening moments of the second quarter, the 11-yard scoring drive of junior Steve Nilson, who ultimately scored three touchdowns and rushed for an unbelievable 353 yards in 42 carries, combined with a well-aimed field goal by punter Kemner Whalen, put the Lakers on top, and

Whereas, throughout the balance of the afternoon, the Lakers maintained their lead, with much of the credit due to the stellar defensive performances of team captain, Brian Lomedico, co-captains, Matt King and Nate Malloy, as well as Mike Duquette and Tom Foote, and

Whereas, Ryan O'Hara's pivotal one-yard run across the goal line extended the Lakers' lead to 21-6, and truly placed them in scoring command, and

Whereas, the Lakers' ultimate 27-12 victory, at the Division IV Championship contest, as well as their entire spectacular 1998 season, would not have been possible without the outstanding play of team members, Josh Goyet, Luis Rosado, Joe Thomas, Mike Gamache, Mike Flower, Rich Cruickshank, Cosmo St. John, Brian Lindstam, Chris Keeler, Jesse Manning, Jeremiah Tinker, Mike Schifilliti, Richie Gardner, Justin Campbell, Mike Riley, Chris Corrigan, Eric Chastenay and Adam Hergenrother, and

Whereas, assistant coaches, Jim Marrier, Rod Lalley, Todd Gregory and Kevin Crook, as well as student managers, Corey Signor and Mike Charbonneau, are each to be commended for their great contribution to the team's success, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates the Colchester High School

eight-man Lakers' football team on winning the 1998 Division IV Championship, and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Coach Steve McLaughlin at Colchester High School.