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(J.R.H. 12)

Offered by: Representatives Mazur of South Burlington, Flaherty of South Burlington, Pugh of South Burlington and Wheeler of Burlington.

Whereas, the South Burlington High School Football Rebels, having already compiled an outstanding 9-1 record, entered the 1998 Division III championship game poised to capture their first divisional title since 1982, and

Whereas, in this pivotal contest against the Woodstock Wasps, the Rebels proved more than ready for the challenge, and

Whereas, only seconds after receiving the opening kickoff, quarterback Brennan Carney passed the ball to senior B.J. Barrett who thrilled the crowd at Pendo Field in Barre by triumphantly galloping an incredible 63 yards to score the first of his four touchdowns on a day that included his rushing for a total of 346 yards, and

Whereas, the Rebel offensive attack was equaled by the impressive defensive effort of linebacker Brett Beers, and

Whereas, while the Wasps were able to narrow the Rebels' initial 26-point lead to 13 points by halftime, the confident Rebels never lost control, and they clinched the 1998 Division III Football Championship with a well-earned 40-26 victory, and

Whereas, the entire Rebel squad, including Tom Ruggerio, Keinan Shariff, Tim O'Day, Bill Newton, Brahim McCollough, P.J. Garahan, Nick Barup, Jamie Hoffmann, Matt Brunelle, Nick and Sam Handy, Darrell Sawyer, Will Morales, Dan and Don Johnson, Brian Marshall, John Brigham, Zeryai Hagos, Adam Smith, Matt Crowley, Paul Coutre, Dev Massimi, Travis Thibault, Seth Brownell, Chris Lefebrve, Nick White, John Peters, Nick Jabour, Mitch Richardson, Joe Ransom, Dale and Jeremiah Earley, Tyler Boudreau, Mark Frail, Bart Bezio, Jared Thibault, Jake Janusczyck and Rob Joy performed magnificently throughout the season, and

Whereas, Coach Joe McDonald, and assistant coaches Bill Moore, Tom Perry, Brad Martin, Ryan Navin and Jim Hayes provided the expert leadership and guidance that propelled the Rebels' successful 1998 gridiron drive, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly extends its congratulations to the 1998 South Burlington High School Rebels Division III Football Champions, and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Coach Joe McDonald at South Burlington High School.