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ACT NO. 155


Executive Fees

This act adjusts executive branch fees as follows:

Secs. 1-2. Repeals the $3.00 fee for motor vehicle placards issued to disabled persons retroactive to January 26, 1992.

Sec. 3. Increases license fees for barbers and cosmetologists.

Sec. 4. Retains the existing rate of 1.1% as the rate of employer contributions for worker’s compensation insurance premiums.

Sec. 5. Repeals the sunset of fees for photographic prints taken by the Department of Public Safety and for copies of investigation reports.

Secs. 6-7. Increases the semiannual assessment paid by financial institutions and establishes a semiannual fee for all loan production offices.

Sec. 8. Authorizes the Agency of Natural Resources to contract with and pay private collection agencies to collect penalties due to it.

Sec. 9. Authorizes the Vermont All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) sportsman’s association to use ATV license fees.

Secs. 12a and 12b. Increases fees for filing documents with the town clerk and addresses restoration of municipal documents.

Secs. 12c and 12d. Authorizes distinguished service medals and Vermont veterans’ medals.

Sec. 12e. Eliminates the annual $10.00 renewal fee for special plates issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles to members of “safety” or “service” organizations and provides for retired members of the National Guard to obtain guard plates.

Sec. 12f. Appropriates money from the general fund for veterans’ medals and the military records project.

Sec. 12g. Extends the sunset on conservation registration plates to 2005.

Sec. 12h. Authorizes the Department of Public Service to bill back to cable companies the cost of proceedings before the Federal Communications Commission.

Sec. 12i. Confirms payment by the Dorset Fire District #1 in satisfaction of an assurance of discontinuance.

Sec. 12j. Increases fees for filing a financing statement with the Secretary of State.

Sec. 12k. Repeals subsections regarding restoration reserve funds for municipal records in 2005.

Effective Dates: The provision dealing with motor vehicle placards for disabled persons takes effect on May 29, 2000. The assessment paid by financial institutions takes effect on January 1, 2001. All other provisions take effect on July 1, 2000.