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ACT NO. 150


Public High School Choice

This act establishes regional choice beginning school year 2002-2003, for grades 9-12 in any school district which operates a public high school. The act does not affect a district which does not maintain a high school or a school district which designates a high school.

The act directs each high school district to enter into an agreement with at least one other high school district to establish a school choice region. The Commissioner of Education will assign a district which does not enter into an agreement to an existing choice region. School districts within a region may enter into an agreement about exchange of finances; however, if they are unable to agree, then the arrangement will be that no exchange of tuition funds will occur. For special education students, the district of residence will be responsible for developing the individual education program (IEP) and paying special education costs; the receiving district will carry out the IEP.

A school district may limit the number of students who may leave to the lesser of 3% or 6 students in school year 2002-2003 and to 5% or 10 students thereafter. A school district may limit the number of students it will accept, based on its capacity limits. If more than the allowable number of students wishes to transfer to or from a school, the school board is to hold a nondiscriminatory lottery.

The Commissioner of Education is directed to carefully study the impacts of choice and issues which arise as choice is implemented, and to report to the Committees on Education annually.

The act sunsets on July 1, 2007.

Effective Date: July 1, 2000