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ACT NO. 141


Agriculture; Pesticide Advisory Council

This act authorizes the Pesticide Advisory Council to recommend studies that relate to the council’s responsibilities, and it expands the range of state entities that the council is required to advise. The act requires the council to recommend benchmarks regarding the state goal of achieving an overall reduction in the use of pesticides, consistent with sound pest or vegetative management practices, and to issue an annual report to the general assembly detailing the state’s progress in reaching those benchmarks and attaining that goal. The act requires that these benchmarks take into consideration: reducing the amount of acreage where pesticides are used, reducing the risks associated with pesticide use, increasing acreage managed by means of integrated pest management techniques, decreasing within each level of risk the quantity of pesticides applied per acre, and recommendations regarding other management practices that result in decreased pesticide use. The act increases the annual registration fee for pesticides, and decreases the proportion of that fee allocated to collect obsolete pesticides. It allows the Commissioner of Agriculture, Food and Markets to use the internet or other appropriate methods to provide the public with information received by the department regarding the use of pesticides, and it allows the commissioner to allow electronic submission of reports of pesticide use data. The act appropriates $60,000 from the special pesticide monitoring revolving fund, and creates a new classified position to coordinate activities associated with providing the public with pesticide usage data over the internet, and to support the administrative activities of the Pesticide Advisory Council.

Effective Date: July 1, 2000