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ACT NO. 133


Professions and Occupations; Boxing; Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling; Midwifery; Electrology

This act makes adjustments to the regulation of the following professions: accountants,

architects, barbers and cosmetologists, chiropractors, dentists and dental hygienists, embalmers, funeral directors, osteopaths, pharmacists, veterinarians, radiologists, psychologists, private investigative and security services, clinical social workers, real estate appraisers, athletic trainers, naturopathic physicians, nursing home administrators and common interest ownership. This act also authorizes the licensure of the following professions: boxing, alcohol and drug abuse counselors, and midwives; and authorizes the certification of electrologists.

Effective Date: July 1, 2000, except sections 37 - 44 (relating to boxing, alcohol and drug abuse counseling, and midwifery) and 46 - 48 (relating to electrology and the repeal of the Boxing Control Board), which shall take effect on January 1, 2001.