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ACT NO. 128


Petroleum Cleanup Fund; Underground Storage Tanks

This act revises the residential underground storage tank removal grant program by doubling the maximum amount of any grant or loan, and by removing the income cap on an owner who is to receive assistance under the program. It provides that to be eligible to receive a grant or loan, a person must have obtained an environmental site assessment by a qualified consultant. It requires that any replacement underground tank shall provide a level of environmental protection at least equivalent to that provided by a double wall tank and secondarily contained piping. It gives priority in funding to those who are replacing their tank with an aboveground tank that will be installed in accordance with standards recommended by the Secretary of Natural Resources, and it gives priority to lower income applicants. It allows funds to go to current tank owners, it requires the identification of contractors who are to perform the closure or upgrade and the site assessment, and it allows the funds to be used for piping and other components of the secondary containment and release detection systems. Finally, it repeals the requirement that loans need to be secured by mortgages, and instead requires loans be secured by means satisfactory to the secretary.

Effective Date: July 1, 2000