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ACT NO. 123


Treatment of Opiate Addiction

This act establishes the opiate addiction treatment advisory committee and specifies stakeholders to serve on the committee. This act directs the Department of Health, in collaboration with the opiate addiction treatment advisory committee, to develop comprehensive guidelines for a regional system of opiate addiction treatment. This act directs that specific requirements be included in the guidelines for opiate treatment, such as the location of treatment in hospitals, and rules of conduct for patients. This act directs that the Commissioner of the Department of Health report annually to the legislature regarding the effectiveness of opiate addiction treatment.

This act requires the Commissioner of Health and the Opiate Addiction Treatment Advisory Committee to report to the House and Senate Health and Welfare Committees on or before January 15, 2001 with draft rules for pharmacological treatment of opiate addiction, and delays the commissioner’s power to begin rule-making until after adjournment of the 2001 session of the legislature.

This act, and any rules adopted pursuant to this act, are repealed two years after the date on which the first pharmacological treatment program is authorized by the Department of Health.

Effective Date: May 18, 2000