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ACT NO. 118


Independent Performance Assessment of Vermont’s Health Care System

This act directs the performance of an independent assessment of Vermont’s health care system. The issues to be evaluated include currently identified areas of concern that have led to premium increases for residents of Vermont and specific aspects of Vermont’s health care system.

This act creates an independent health care assessment committee that includes three members appointed by the Governor. This act directs that the health care assessment committee administer and develop the request for proposal contract process, facilitates cooperation between state agencies and the contractor, and gives the committee general powers to accomplish the purposes of this act.

The commission on public health care values and priorities is directed to develop a mechanism to educate and facilitate a dialogue with Vermonters.

This act directs that the contractor’s assessment, the committee’s report, and the commission’s report be submitted to the legislature and the Governor on or before September 15, 2001. This act directs the Joint Fiscal Office to examine the resources necessary to provide ongoing assessments of Vermont’s changing health care system and report to the legislature on or before November 1, 2001.

This act appropriates $100,000.00 to accomplish the duties of the Commission on Public Health Care Values and Priorities under this act. This act appropriates $50,000.00 to accomplish the purposes of the independent health care assessment contingent upon the receipt of a federal grant from the State Planning Grant program authorized by the fiscal year 2000 Health and Human Services Appropriations Act.

Effective Date: May 19, 2000