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It is hereby enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Vermont:

Sec. 1. 7 V.S.A. § 2(7) is amended to read:

(7) "Club": an unincorporated association or a corporation authorized to do business in this state, that has been in existence for at least two consecutive years prior to the date of application for license under this title*[, which]* and owns, hires or leases a building or space in a building *[of such extent and character as may be]* that is suitable and adequate for the reasonable and comfortable use and accommodation of its members and their guests*[, and providing]* and contains suitable and adequate kitchen and dining room space and equipment implements and facilities*[, except that a]*. A club may be used or leased by a nonmember as a location for a social event as if it were any other licensed commercial establishment. A club located on and integrally associated with at least a regulation 9-hole golf course need only be in existence for six months prior to the date of application for license under this title. Such club shall file with the liquor control board, before May 1 of each year, a list of the names and residences of its *[then]* members and a list of its *[then]* officers. Its affairs and management shall be conducted by a board of directors, executive committee or similar body chosen by the members at its annual meeting, and no member or any officer, agent or employee of the club shall be paid, or directly or indirectly receive, in the form of salary or other compensation, any profits from the disposition or sale of alcoholic liquors to the members of the club or its guests introduced by members beyond the amount of such salary as may be fixed and voted at annual meetings by the members or by its directors or other governing body, and as reported by the club to the liquor control board. Provided, however, that a bona fide unincorporated association or corporation whose officers and members consist solely of veterans of the armed forces of the United States, or a subordinate lodge or local chapter of any national fraternal order, and which fulfills all requirements of this subsection, except that it has not been in existence for two years, shall come within the terms of this definition six months after the completion of its organization.

Approved: May 9, 2000