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ACT NO. 109


Public and Water Supplies; Drinking

Water Emergency Use Fund

This act amends the public water supply laws to remove the prohibition on issuing temporary operating permits for a public water system that fails to meet any maximum contaminant level established in the public water supply rules. It creates a Vermont drinking water emergency use fund, to be used by the Secretary of Natural Resources to test, repair, or operate public water supplies, or to provide bottled or bulk water for a public water system, as necessary to protect the public health. It allows the secretary to bring an action to reimburse the fund for disbursements made, and requires the secretary, to the extent compatible with the urgency of the situation, to provide an opportunity for the responsible system owner to take the necessary actions, prior to making disbursements from the fund. If there is a surplus of funds for municipal water system projects in any given year, the act allows that surplus to be used to fund additional privately-owned public water systems. Finally, it requires the Secretary of Natural Resources to report to the General Assembly by January 15, 2001, regarding the use of alternative forms of water supply disinfection, including ultraviolet

disinfection, that may be suitable for application in public water systems. In the report, the secretary is required to assess the potential for widespread use of alternative forms of disinfection, and include recommendations appropriate to enable citizens to use a wider range of technologies and methods of water supply disinfection. The act requires the report to address similar issues with respect to the use of alternative forms of disinfection for treating wastewater.

Effective Date: July 1, 2000