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ACT NO. 90


Corrections; Interstate Compact for Supervision of Adult Offenders

This act constitutes Vermont adoption of a replacement of the existing interstate compact for adult offender supervision. The new compact is intended to improve supervision of non-incarcerated adult offenders who are transferred from the state where adjudicated to another state or US territory. For example, were a Vermont resident while in Florida convicted of a crime and placed on probation or parole, the person could be sent back to Vermont to be supervised by the Vermont Department of Corrections. Likewise, a Florida resident convicted in Vermont could be sent back to Florida for supervision by Florida correctional officials.

The existing compact applies only to probationers or parolees, and specifies in the compact itself the personal criteria to be eligible for transfer.

Under the new compact, these conditions would be eliminated, enabling the new compact to deal with the broader range of community sentences existing today (for example, furlough or reparative programs), and would allow personal eligibility criteria to reflect the broader range of family relationships existing today.

In addition, whereas the existing compact policy is difficult to change, the new compact would enable all policy and administrative questions relating to offender transfer and supervision to be decided by a newly created national compact commission, composed of persons appointed to it by a newly created state council in each state joining the new compact.

Effective Date: This act representing Vermont adoption of the compact took effect April 27, 2000. However, the compact itself will take effect only when it has been adopted by 35 states, but not before July 1, 2001.