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ACT NO. 88


Housing; Accessibility

This act requires that new construction of a single family home or multifamily residence begun after July 1, 2001, be built with at least one 36-inch wide first floor exterior door; 34-inch first floor interior doors between rooms or 32-inch wide doorways with level thresholds; 36-inch wide interior hallways with level floors, accessible environmental and utility controls and outlets; and reinforced bathroom

walls. Failure to comply with these construction standards will not affect the marketability or title of the residence.

The act also requires the Department of Aging and Disability, in consultation with the Department of Labor and Industry to prepare and distribute a pamphlet that explains the construction standards and the multiple advantages of “visitable” homes. The Department of Aging and Disabilities may award funds for construction of a model “visitable” home.

Effective Date: April 27, 2000, except Sec. 4, relating to accessibility standards in residential construction, will apply to residential construction begun after July 1, 2001.