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ACT NO. 41


Workers' Compensation; Exception for Real Estate

Brokers and Sales Personnel;

Occupational Diseases; Third Party Recovery

This act requires employers and workers' compensation insurers to establish direct billing and payment procedures and necessary notification procedures for coverage of medically-necessary prescription medications for chronic conditions of workers' compensation recipients.

This act also repeals the second injury fund and provides that any remaining moneys be deposited into the General Fund. The act also repeals the occupational disease law and includes occupational diseases under Workers' Compensation coverage.

This act also creates an exception from Workers' Compensation coverage for real estate brokers and salespeople, provided they comply with all the criteria.

Lastly, this act clarifies that any workers' compensation recovery will not be diminished by the proceeds from any plan or policy privately purchased by the injured employee, or by any other first party insurance payments or benefits that flow to the claimant.

Effective Date: July 1, 1999