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ACT NO. 34


Truck Study; Defective Equipment; Presuspension Hearings;

Parking for Disabled; Motorcycles

This act:

(1) Establishes a legislative study committee, composed of all members of the Senate and House Committees on Transportation, to study truck and trailer size and the operation of tractor-trailers, including the operation of 53-foot trailers. The committee is also directed to examine the issue of reciprocity among the states involving excess weight permits. Four meetings have been authorized.

(2) Provides that if a ticket for inoperative lights is issued, anyone, including the operator, may replace the light and show proof to the department which issued the ticket.

(3) Provides that if a driver license or motor vehicle presuspension or prerevocation hearing is available by law, the person making the request of the Department of Motor Vehicles shall do so within 15 days of receiving the suspension or revocation notice.

(4) Authorizes nonprofit organizations that provide volunteer drivers to transport persons who have an ambulatory disability or who are blind to apply to the Commissioner of motor vehicles for a parking placard. There is a $3.00 fee for each placard.

(5) Includes within the definition of "motorcycle", a vehicle which is fully enclosed, has three wheels, weighs less than 1,500 pounds, has the capacity to maintain posted speed limits and is powered by electricity. The operator of such a vehicle is not required to wear motorcycle headgear.

Effective Date: July 1, 1999