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ACT NO. 21


Minimum Wage Increase; Livable Wage Study

This act increases the minimum wage in Vermont to $5.75 as of October 1, 1999.

This act also requires that a committee composed of five representatives and five senators study issues relating to a livable minimum wage rate and to issue a final report no later than December 17, 1999. The committee shall determine a minimum livable wage rate, a time frame for implementation, and a system to maintain the minimum wage at a livable level in light of inflation and other economic factors; consider the interface of livable wage rates with public assistance payments, various levels of employment (i.e. part time and temporary) and employment benefits, and the wage levels in neighboring states; and the impact of a livable wage on the economic health of the state and its businesses. An appropriation of $60,000.00 supports this study.

Effective Date: May 13, 1999