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ACT NO. 20


Snowmobiles; Safety Education; Statewide Snowmobile Trail, Governor's Snowmobile Council

This act:

(1) Amends the definition of "trail maintenance assessment" (TMA), which is a permit issued by the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST), by expanding it to include the three classifications of "Resident," "Non-resident," and "Commercial."

(2) Adds a definition of "Commercial Operation" of snowmobiles as those operated for a fee, rented or those participating in a guided tour.

(3) Changes the areas of the state where snowmobiles from other states may legally ride without a TMA.

(4) Allows public land managers to issue permits to individuals owning camps on public land to ride without TMAs.

(5) Establishes a new snowmobile safety education certification program that shall be required for snowmobilers born after July 1, 1983.

(6) Establishes standards for the "Reasonable and Prudent" operation of snowmobiles on the Statewide Snowmobile Trails System (SSTS)

(7) Establishes the fines for snowmobile violations set forth in this act.

(8) Expands the membership of the governor's snowmobile council by adding representatives of the departments of fish and wildlife, public safety and the Vermont Sheriff's Association, gives the council new duties related to parking and traffic and authorizes the council to establish technical working groups.

(9) Provides that a law enforcement officer's testimony related to professional certification shall be prima facie evidence of that certification in a snowmobile violation proceeding.

Effective Date: July 1, 1999