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ACT NO. 10


Education; Technical Education; Comprehensive High Schools; Overhead Costs

This act establishes that a comprehensive high school shall receive state financial assistance in the form of a grant per full-time equivalent student and for equipment replacement. If the state Board of Education has designated a service region for two or more comprehensive high schools, the schools shall receive technical assistance in the same way as regional technical centers except that they shall not receive a per equalized pupil general state support grant, and they shall receive the statewide average overhead costs. Further, the two comprehensive high schools shall be subject to the same accountability and responsibility rules as regional technical centers.

The act further establishes penalties for a technical center which fails to file financial or student information required under state law within the timelines established by the state board of education.

Effective Date: July 1, 1999 except that two or more comprehensive high schools which have been designated a service region shall not receive overhead costs until fiscal year 2001.