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( J.R.S. 40)

Offered by: Senator Doyle of Washington County and Senator Ide of Caledonia County.

Whereas, although former Senator Douglas B. Kitchel was noted for his quiet and unobtrusive manner, he was amongst the most extraordinarily conscientious and public-spirited Vermonters, and

Whereas, during the nearly six decades that he resided in Vermont, he came to symbolize the highest ideals of community service, and

Whereas, Douglas B. Kitchel was a successful entrepreneur, both as the proprietor of the highly-respected Passumpsic-based Kilfasset Farms dairy and creamery and as the owner of the Burke Mountain ski resort who was largely credited with revitalizing that recreational facility, and

Whereas, he ably and effectively represented Caledonia County in the Vermont Senate from 1965 through 1972, and

Whereas, while a member of the Senate, Douglas B. Kitchel’s broad knowledge and judicial temperament led the Senate Committee on Committees to select him as chair of the important Judiciary Committee, and

Whereas, his patience and willingness to reconcile divergent viewpoints was crucial during the 1969-1970 Biennium when the landmark Act 250 planning law was adopted, and

Whereas, Douglas B. Kitchel was called upon to serve on many boards and commissions, including the governing body of the Northeast Vermont Development Association, the Vermont State Educational Advisory Council and the Vermont Water Resources Board, and

Whereas, because improving the quality and delivery of heath care services was an important personal priority, he chaired the Health Cost Containment Committee and was actively involved in the formation of the Health Care Information Center of Vermont and served on its board of trustees, and

Whereas, Douglas B. Kitchel was especially devoted to the FairbanksMuseum where, as both a trustee and a museum fellow, he was known for his ability to solve difficult problems that the museum encountered, and

Whereas, above all else, he was a devoted husband to his wife, Sybil, a loving father to his four children and an adored grandfather, and

Whereas, his wisdom, leadership and companionship will be sorely missed in Caledonia County and throughout Vermont, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly remembers with much admiration and respect former Senator Douglas B. Kitchel, and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of the Senate be directed to prepare a copy of this resolution for presentation at the memorial service to be held on April 12, 1997 in memory of Douglas B. Kitchel.