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( J.R.H. 47)

Offered by:Offered by: Representatives Dunne of Hartland, Alfano of Calais, Aswad of Burlington, Barbieri of Wallingford, Bristol of Brattleboro, Brooks of Montpelier, Buchdahl of Georgia, Carmolli of Rutland City, Deen of Westminster, Freed of Dorset, Freidin of New Haven, Hallowell of Burlington, Howrigan of Fairfield, Kehler of Pomfret, Krasnow of Charlotte, Lafayette of Burlington, Little of Shelburne, Livingston of Manchester, Mazzariello of Rutland City, Miller of Shaftsbury, Moore of Rutland City, Morrissey of Bennington, Osman of Plainfield, Schiavone of Shelburne, Seibert of Norwich, Smith of Sudbury, Snyder of Pittsford, Suchmann of Chester, Sweaney of Windsor, Symington of Jericho, Tracy of Burlington, Voyer of Morristown and Zuckerman of Burlington.

Whereas, the critical importance of artistic endeavors, both individually and institutionally, are essential for a culturally literate and free society, and

Whereas, the arts have historically played a crucial role in brightening and enriching the quality of life that Vermonters cherish so very much, and

Whereas, Vermont’s diverse artistic community stimulates the economy through the creation of jobs, ticket purchases and related expenditures, the promotion of tourism, and as an important incentive for business to locate in the state, and

Whereas, arts education at an early age has been shown to improve young persons’ math and science aptitude as well as help to stimulate their creativity and interpersonal skills, and

Whereas, the presence of the arts in Vermont has assumed an international dimension with the restoration of the historic Haskell House on the U.S.- Canadian border at Derby Line, and

Whereas, other communities, including Barre City, Burlington, Montpelier, Rutland City, Vergennes and Enosburg Falls are assisting in the revitalization of their downtown business districts by refurbishing local theatrical facilities, and

Whereas, March 20, 1997, has been designated as Arts Advocacy Day in order that Vermonters can demonstrate the importance that the arts play both in their daily lives and for the state’s economy, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly recognizes the significance of the arts in Vermont and enthusiastically encourages its continued vitality in the life of this state.