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( J.R.H. 43)

Offered by:Representatives Poirier of Barre City, Towne of Berlin and Valsangiacomo of Barre City .

Whereas, in January 1990, Michael Welch, a graduate of Blue Mountain Union High School in Wells River and the University of Maine, arrived in Barre City to commence his duties as the municipality’s young and very enthusiastic city manager, and

Whereas, he brought to his new post the unique combination of prior managerial experience that included a successful retail business in the downeast town of Bradley with a population of 1,500 citizens, as well as a fine ability to write narrative reports that was polished while serving as a freelance reporter for the Orono-Old Town Times, and

Whereas, he quickly gained a detailed familiarity with the government and citizens of Barre City, and

Whereas, his industriousness, dedication and charming personality quickly convinced the Barre City Council that it had selected the right person to supervise the daily operation of its municipal affairs, and

Whereas, he earned a reputation for professionalism and integrity that was admired by his colleagues in other communities throughout Vermont, and

Whereas, during his seven very busy years as Barre City Manager he successfully guided the city of Barre through many improvements and innovations, including the rehabilitation of the Barre Opera House, and

Whereas, interested in new challenges, he has recently accepted the job of Finance Director for the city of Montpelier, and

Whereas, he will be missed both in Barre City Hall and amongst the residents of the Granite City, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly congratulates Michael Welch on his outstanding record of achievement as Barre City Manager and wishes him the very best of success as he embarks on his new career as Montpelier’s Finance Director, and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Michael Welch.