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ACT NO. M-10

Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District Charter

This act amends the charter of the Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District to remove the requirement that all waste generated in the District be disposed of in facilities operated by or on behalf of the District, and replaces that requirement with a provision that allows the District to regulate the flow of waste generated within or without the district, but only to the limits of applicable law. The act also amends the charter to create new positions of Assistant Treasurer and Assistant Clerk, allows for the appointment of alternates to the District Board of Supervisors, reduces the number of representatives required for a quorum in cases where a municipal representative has not been appointed, allows the District Chairperson to "authorize" instead of "sign" contracts on behalf of the district, changes the timing of the budget process, specifies when a proposed per capita assessment shall be established for the succeeding year, clarifies definitions relating to public improvements that may be financed by the district, and inserts gender neutrallanguage in numerous places in the Charter. The act revises provisions relating to long-term contracts, and provides that municipal withdrawal from the district shall only be final upon the filing of a certificate attesting to the satisfaction of every condition established under specified sections of the Charter.

Effective Date: May 8, 1997, except that sections 14 and 15, relating to long term contracts and withdrawal from the District, take effect on January 1, 1998.