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(J.R.H. 160)

Offered by: Committee on Institutions.

Whereas, subsection 2606(b) of Title 10 authorizes the commissioner of forests, parks and recreation to exchange or lease certain state lands, with the approval of the general assembly, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That notwithstanding provisions of section 104 of Title 29, any net proceeds of transactions authorized by this resolution shall be deposited in the agency of natural resources' land acquisition special fund and held by the state treasurer for use by the agency in acquiring conservation lands as authorized by the general assembly, and be it further

Resolved: That the commissioner of forests, parks and recreation is authorized:

(1) To convey an easement across state-owned land within Ascutney State Park to Central Vermont Public Service Corporation, to allow the corporation to construct and maintain a power line servicing state campground facilities.

(2) To convey an easement across state-owned land within Crystal Lake State Park in Barton to Barton Village, Inc., to accommodate buried sewer and water lines which are currently accommodated through 10-year leases.

(3) To grant permanent (non-wintertime use) rights-of-way across state-owned land within Groton State Forest in Peacham to up to five private parcels, and thereby eliminate traditional vehicular access to these properties which affects New Discovery Campground.

(4) To enter into an exchange of land or an interest in land with the Vermont Land Trust and The Nature Conservancy (VLT/TNC) whereby the state shall convey to VLT/TNC a portion of, or an interest in, the Belvidere Pond parcel within the Long Trail State Forest in Eden and Belvidere, and VLT/TNC shall convey to the state VLT/TNC-owned land or interest in land, provided that the appraised value of land or interest in land conveyed by VLT/TNC shall be equal to or greater than the appraised value of land or interest in land conveyed by the state.

(5) To amend the lease with Smugglers' Notch Resort, situated within Mt. Mansfield State Forest in Cambridge and Stowe, as follows:

(A) Incorporate in the leasehold land which is not now state-owned, but which will be upon the previously authorized exchange of land with Mt. Mansfield Company, Inc., and on which existing ski trails are located.

(B) Incorporate in the leasehold ski trail corridors connecting Sterling Mountain of the Smugglers' Notch Resort with Spruce Peak of the Mt. Mansfield Company, Inc., subject to the same conditions of licenses for operating these trails.

(6) To convey, by quitclaim deed, any and all interests the state may hold in an approximately 28-acre portion of the southwest corner of Lot 22 in the Town of Westmore to Earle and Jeanne Perkins, for the purpose of clarifying title to the full parcel concerned and to resolve a boundary dispute associated with the new Sentinel Rock State Park property recently donated to the state.