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ACT NO. 153


Criminal Procedure; Juveniles; Crimes; Domestic Relations

This act:

(1) Requires that a jury be informed of lesser and included offenses that are supported by the evidence, if requested by either party in a criminal case.

(2) Requires notice to parents if a minor is arrested or is cited to appear in court.

(3) Increases the penalty for the crime of false public alarms to two years' imprisonment or $5,000 fine, or both, for a first offense and five years' imprisonment or $10,000 fine, or both, for a second or subsequent offense.

(4) Redefines "household members" relative to relief from abuse proceedings.

(5) Provides for notification to victims in a delinquency proceeding (based on a serious crime) when conditions of release are ordered or modified by the court.

(6) Creates a limited exception to the confidentiality of juvenile records by requiring notice to public and private schools if a student at the school is found to be delinquent (based on a serious crime).

Effective Date: July 1, 1998