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ACT NO. 152


Powers of Correctional Officers; Offender Work Programs

This act designates a correctional officer a law enforcement officer, provides for law enforcement training of correctional officers, and adds a new crime of assault of a corrections officer.

The act also provides for the medical furlough of inmates.

Finally, the act revises existing law concerning offender work programs, including provisions which:

- Establish restorative justice as one purpose of work by offenders.

- Establish the policy that work program managers should seek to offset program costs from product and service sales, but not to the determent of the restorative justice purpose.

- Direct a portion of offender produced goods and services to be available for purchase by nonprofit and municipal entities on a merit basis.

- Require the Department of Corrections to develop a three-year plan for production by offender work programs, plus operating procedures, which minimize disruption to existing private businesses. The plan and procedures are to be reviewed on an ongoing basis by an Offender Work Programs Board, established to oversee the work programs.

Effective Date: July 1, 1998