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ACT NO. 138


Technical Education; Human Resources Investment Council

This act:

(1) Establishes that the standards of quality adopted under Act 60 will apply toVermont's technical centers and adds some standards regarding career counseling, access to technical education, industry recognized credentials and measurement of student achievement.

(2) Changes the system for state and local payment of tuition to a technical center as follows:

(a) For a Vermont student the state pays to the technical center the amount of the block grant plus a per student tuition reduction amount and the sending district pays any remainder.

(b) For non-Vermont students the state pays a per student tuition reduction amount and the sending district pays the announced tuition.

(c) State and local payments are based on the average of the three prior years' full-time equivalent student enrollment in the technical center.

(3) Changes state transportation assistance to $1.50 per mile reimbursement for travel to and from the technical centers in the designated service region.

(4) Directs a school district to pay tuition to a technical center outside the service region if the desired course is not offered within the service region, establishes that credits and grades earned at a technical center shall be accepted at any secondary school without alteration, establishes that a student may enroll in a technical center without enrolling in a high school, establishes that an adult student may be charged up to 40 percent of the announced tuition, and requires reporting of direct and overhead costs.

(5) Authorizes designation of pilot projects which restructure technical center governance.

(6) For all Vermont schools, directs repayment of under or over-charge of more than three percent of tuition, and for independent schools, authorizes participation in an intermunicipal insurance pool.

(7) Adds members to the Human Resources Investment Council, establishes an HRIC subcommittee on technical education standards, extends HRIC sunset to December 31, 2003 and directs HRIC to identify laws and policies which inhibit development of an integrated workforce education system.

Effective Dates: Provisions of this act relating to credits and grades, enrollment in a high school as a condition of enrollment in a technical center and tuition overcharge take effect on July 1, 1998. Provisions relating to state aid to technical centers take effect on July 1, 1999. The remaining provisions take effect on passage, April 27, 1998.