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ACT NO. 136


General Permits for Self-generated Electricity

This act allows users of small electrical generating systems (less than 15 kilowatts (AC) capacity and employing a renewable energy source) or farm systems of less than 100 kilowatts (AC) capacity that produce electricity from the anaerobic digestion of agricultural waste to use a net metering system for the purchase and sale of electricity from and to an electric company. With a net metering system in place, the electric company measures the electricity produced and consumed by a user. If the user consumes more electricity than was produced during the billing cycle the user is charged the difference. If the user produces more electricity then was consumed during the billing cycle, the user receives a credit. Any such credits must be used within the calendar year.

This program is available on a first-come, first-served basis until the cumulative generating capacity of net metering systems equals 1.0 percent of the electric company's peak demand during 1996.

Effective Date: April 21, 1998